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Woodworking Tools : What Is the Best Quality Wood for Furniture?

Oak is the wood that I used for J’s crib, precisely because it was a good combination of durable, beautiful, and (relatively) inexpensive. Click to review some popular wood choices for baby furniture.

How to Stain and Age Furniture : Applying Whitewash Stain to Furniture
Submitted by Richard Buccola

When you are working with any chemicals, paints, stains, and materials that will come in contact with a baby, make sure they are baby-safe. In this case, you would want the enamel to be lead-free and preferably low-VOC or zero-VOC to avoid the fumes and off-gassing. Check the manufacturer’s label on the can (you can even call the manufacturer to confirm). As much as I like the folks at Lowes and Home Depot, this is one case where I would go straight to the manufacturer to confirm instead of taking their advice.