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I hate opening up the mailbox because all I ever get is bills and credit card offers. Yesterday I opened up the mailbox and saw one of the rare things I actually look forward to–This Old House Magazine.

Let me tell you that I like the PBS television show, but the projects they do are normally out of my price range. I recently remodeled our media room, but I couldn’t afford to put in half of what they would have. I just watch the tv show for entertainment and ideas.

With that being said, I love This Old House Magazine.The woodworking, home renovation, and around-the-house sprucing up projects within it are more down-to-earth, more affordable, and more doable.

Here are the headlines from the September 2010 issue:

  1. Kitchen and Bath Special: 47 Thrifty Upgrades (Cheerful Colors, Charming Details, Best New Products)
  2. Easy How-To: Stylish Message Center, Painted Wall Stripes, Handsome Mirror Frame
  3. BONUS: Free Booklet on How to Choose the Right Wood Finish for Your Project

I actually have a stack of these magazines on the foyer table because they have so many ideas that I want to keep. I read the articles, look through the photos, and I’m commonly heard mumbling…

Whoa, that’s cool!

I never thought about doing that!

I can do all of that for 50 bucks?

In each issue of This Old House Magazine, a product is compared for budget, mid-range, and high-end options. For example, this issue featured three sets of black-and-white basketweave tile that looked almost exactly the same but were priced at $8/sq.ft., $38/sq.ft., and $44/sq.ft. The comparison explained how to pick out the best option for your project based on price, materials, design, and care. I remember another issue had an excellent comparison on these elegant silver doorknobs. The tv show seems to take my money while the magazine gives it back. 🙂

One last thing–each issue includes reader questions and responses from the Ask This Old House team (Tom Silva, Norm Abram, Richard Trethewey, Roger Cook, and Kevin O’Connor). (Incidentally, I met Richard Trethewey, the plumbing guy, at the 2009 Colorado Home & Garden Show. He can be a funny guy!) With all the other tips in the magazine, this is just the icing on the cake–expert advice for free.

If you are interested in checking out This Old House Magazine, I encourage you to subscribe through this link. It’s a win-win for both of us.

  1. You get 10 issues (about 134 pages each) for only $12. FREE shipping. NO sales tax. As of the time I’m writing this, that’s even $4 less than what you would pay by going directly to the This Old House Magazine website.
  2. I get roughly 4 bucks for every subscription sold through my affiliate link. As you can tell by my excitement in the article above, I’m not recommending this magazine because I want the money. I’m recommending This Old House magazine because I truly like it.

Keep in mind that all information is current as of the time this article is being written. I will try to keep an eye on any changes, but I have no idea when the offer will end or when the price will go up. I suggest you just click on this link and subscribe now while the price is low.

If This Old House Magazine isn’t your thing, you can browse other discounted magazines by clicking the image below:

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