Woodworking Clamps for Baby Cribs

I often come across tips that will help you to build your baby crib, and I pass them along whenever I can. Here’s a great blurb about woodworking clamps from the October issue of This Old House Magazine:

When does it make sense to use a wood clamp instead of an all-metal C-clamp or pistol-grip bar clamp? – Nick Wolf, New York, N.Y.

Wood hand-screw clamps—used primarily by woodworkers and boat builders—don’t mar wood surfaces the way an unprotected metal C-clamp might. And once tightened, they don’t back off on their own the way pistol-grip models sometimes can. I use hand-screw clamps all the time because their big hardwood jaws apply uniform pressure over a relatively wide area. [These antique clamps] have wood hand screws that allow the jaws to grip workpieces with parallel faces. Modern versions have steel hand screws that enable the jaws to be angled to hold oddly shaped pieces.

–Norm Abram, This Old House Master Carpenter

I really like This Old House Magazine. Unfortunately there’s a lot more in it than I could ever type up. You can see my original review of This Old House magazine, just click here. While it’s not dedicated to baby cribs, or even to woodworking, it’s a great deal for anyone interested in home improvement and DIY.

To read more about woodworking clamps, including which ones to use and which ones to avoid, check out my article on woodworking clamps.

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