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Sawdust Uses: 10 Ways to Put Your Waste to Work

Did you know that ancient Egyptians used to stuff mummified bodies with sawdust and leaves to maintain their shape? See, there are plenty of uses for sawdust! You may not have to go to that extreme, but if you’re a woodworker,  you likely have a few piles waiting for you somewhere. Here are 10 ways […]

3 Best Woodworking Clamps to Leave Your “Baby” Safe, Protected, and Unharmed

Guest Author: Sean Haggard, based on an interview with Mike Best Stop Gouging, Marring, and Beating Your “Baby” Woodworking Project As a woodworker, your latest project is always your baby. You spend hours nurturing its needs and shaping its future. You coddle it and invest whatever money is necessary. Nothing is too good for your […]

Basic Woodworking Tools for Baby Furniture: Woodworking Clamps

When you are building baby furniture or undertaking any woodworking project, the importance of having woodworking clamps on hand cannot be overstressed. Woodworking clamps give you an extra pair of hands. You can hold materials steady while you make finishing touches or you can hold materials together for gluing. As Norm Abram mentioned in This […]