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Basic Woodworking Tools for Baby Cribs: Woodworking Clamps

When you are building a baby crib, the importance of having woodworking clamps on hand cannot be overstressed. Woodworking clamps let you hold materials together for gluing, and they allow you to stabilize baby crib materials while you make finishing touches. As Norm Abram mentioned in This Old House Magazine, there are several types of […]

Basic Woodworking Tools for Baby Cribs: Drill Press

A drill press is an essential woodworking tool for building a baby crib. The holes within the rails must line up perfectly or you will have problems getting a structurally sound, non-wobbly baby crib frame. With a template, drilling holes with a cordless or corded drill is possible. Just make sure you have unlimited time […]

How to Assemble a Baby Crib Kit

You’ve reviewed reasons to build with baby crib woodworking plans and decided that a ready-to-assemble baby crib kit might be a better option for your skills and available time. It might also keep your stress level down and save your marriage in the process. Go for it! You can find some great ready-to-assemble baby crib […]

Picking the Best Wood for Your Baby Crib

Picking the best wood for your baby crib can be downright mind-boggling. Do you want a hardwood or a softwood? Hardwoods are generally more stable, but softwoods are generally easier to work with. Do you want an expensive wood or an inexpensive wood? Expensive woods are usually more attractive and more “limited edition”, but inexpensive […]