Free Woodworking Plans for Baby Furniture

Free woodworking plans for baby furniture are a no-cost way to start creating a memorable piece of functional furniture for your nursery. These plans are offered to the public to encourage crafting at home, to advance the topic of beginner woodworking, and to introduce accomplished woodworkers to a new facet of their craft. Some authors or websites will ask for photographs of the finished baby furniture (like I do), but this feedback is almost never required.

What can be accomplished with free woodworking plans for baby furniture?

Both free and paid plans can be used to complete a variety of woodworking projects. With regard to baby furniture plans, some of the most popular pieces include convertible cribs, standard cribs without drop sides, changing tables, highchairs, dressers, and storage units for clothes, diapers, and baby-related supplies. As your child grows, you will be able to find plans for wooden toys, toy chests, chairs, tables, desks, picture frames, games, and many more items. Woodworking is definitely a multi-dimensional hobby that can keep people busy (and happy) for years.

What is the difference between paid and free baby furniture plans?

While free plans are similar in quality to paid plans, differences do occur—even beyond the obvious of one costs money and the other does not. The three examples below will give you a better idea about the distinctions.


For one difference, free woodworking plans for baby furniture tend to be electronic—in PDF, DOC, or CAD form–because this format keeps distribution costs low for both the supplier and the buyer. On the other hand, paid woodworking plans often give the purchaser control over the plan format. Paid plans can downloaded online, sent via a CD, or mailed as hard copies.


Another important distinction is that free baby furniture plans are more limited than their paid alternatives and may not include all of the styles and options you would like. They are often based on traditional designs that woodworkers can easily accomplish at home versus contemporary styles that are mass-produced in factories. While advanced woodworkers may feel comfortable making alterations to suit their needs, beginner woodworkers may prefer paid plans that match exactly what they want.


Finally, while paid plans can afford to include flashy marketing descriptions and staged professional photos, free woodworking plans for baby furniture are often more subdued. Many do not even include photos of the finished product or may display only a single shot. The plans may rely on the craftsman’s imagination until the work is done.

Overall, the benefits of free woodworking plans for baby furniture cannot be dismissed. Why pay for something when a no-cost option is available? Plus, saving money on the furniture plans means that you can spend more money on lumber, power tools, hand tools, stains, finishes, and woodworking supplies. Learn how to read baby furniture plans and get started!

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  1. Looking for baby changing dresser plans. I am an avid woodworker. I retired from a major northeastern Ohio newspaper 6 years ago. I build projects for family and give them as gifts. I don’t build for money, just satisfaction.

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