Free Woodworking Plans for Baby Cribs

The gift of a new baby is precious and deserves to be commemorated. An excellent way to welcome the little one is to place him or her in a handmade crib. Free woodworking plans for baby cribs are a no-cost way for mothers, fathers, grandparents, relatives, or friends to craft safe, stable, stylish baby furniture.

How can baby crib plans be free?

Free woodworking plans for baby cribs are most often distributed as a public service or to attract customers for future purchases. Authors and draftsmen want to increase the number of people exposed to woodworking, to encourage beginners to start on this relaxing hobby, and to give advanced woodworkers something new to try. Even if the provider asks for nothing in return, an excellent way to reward him/her is to send a photo of the finished baby crib. This gesture is in no way required, but it is appreciated by everyone, especially me.

What can I build with free woodworking plans for baby cribs?

As anyone who has shopped for baby furniture knows, a crib is not just a crib. They come in a variety of styles, wood colors, finishes, and options. Popular free baby crib plans include convertible cribs that adjust into toddler beds and full-size beds, standard cribs with or without drop sides (without is recommended), corner cribs, round cribs, small baby cribs, large baby cribs, and even canopy cribs. Once you start building baby furniture, you are likely to continue, and plenty of options are available to keep you busy. You can concentrate on children’s furniture or branch out into games, home furnishings, cabinets, woodturning, and any number of woodworking projects.

What is the difference between free and paid plans?

In many ways, paid and free baby crib plans are similar. They both offer step-by-step instructions and a list of required materials. They are both created by experienced craftsmen who consider woodworking to be a functional art. At the same, differences do exist. Three of the more common distinctions are listed below:

The most difference between free woodworking plans for baby cribs and the paid versions is the format. In order to keep costs low, free plans tend to be distributed electronically as PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, or CAD files. At the same time, paid plans generally let the consumer dictate the format. Paid woodworking plans can be mailed as paper copies, can be distributed on a CD, or can even be downloaded online like the free plans.

The second difference surrounds the level of choice. Free baby crib plans tend to be more difficult to find and more limited in scope than the paid plans. The free plans may not offer all of the styles or options that you would like, and they may be more condensed than the paid plans. Remember that all woodworking plans tend to be oriented toward the home woodworker and not the corporate baby furniture manufacturers. Consequently they may have been modified to meet unique needs, but this same feature also allows both beginner woodworkers and professionals to make their own alterations.

A final distinction between free baby crib plans and paid plans has to do with the “package”. Because paid woodworking plans generate income, they can afford to be a bit more flashy. They attract attention through marketing copy, professional photographs, and pleasing colors. Some look more like magazines than woodworking plans. On the other hand, free woodworking plans for baby cribs are generally more utilitarian. They usually have black or blue print, may only have a few photos of the finished crib, and the entire plan may be black and white instead of color.

Despite some of the disadvantages, the beauty of free woodworking plans for baby cribs cannot be overlooked. Isn’t it great to be able to fashion a work of art out of a PDF that didn’t cost a cent? Even better, saving money on the crib plans leaves more money for the rest of your woodworking arsenal. Just think of all the tools you could buy!

Your next step is to learn how to read baby cribs plans and get started. A whole world of woodworking is waiting.

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