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The Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib with Drawer – Cognac is an excellent convertible crib with an extra large bottom drawer for plenty of storage. Use the Storkcraft Baby Aspen Crib as a crib, daybed, or full-size bed with headboard and footboard.

Reviews: 4 stars/5

Regular Price: $378.98

Click here to buy the Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib With Drawer – Cognac

The Storkcraft Aspen crib has an extra large bottom drawer that provides ample storage.

Baby Furniture Reviews

Beautiful craftsmanship

Hard to assemble

Would recommend to a friend: YES

Click here to buy the Stork Craft Aspen Stages Crib With Drawer – Cognac

Baby Furniture Details:

Assembled Dimensions (in inches): 60.75 x 49 x 29.5



Made Of:Pine


Bedrails Included:No

Conversion Kit Included:Yes

Hardware Visible:Yes

Product Weight:105 pounds

Product Dimensions(in inches)59.0 x 42.0 x 5.5

Instruction Manual: Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib with Drawer – Cognac

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2 thoughts on “Buy Storkcraft Aspen Stages Crib with Drawer – Cognac”

  1. I love this crib. I went to site after site to make sure we were getting the best crib for our first child. I’m so happy I picked this one!
    1) It is beautiful. Makes that whole room look wonderful. Love all the colors to pick from.
    2) Was very easy to assemble. I read many reviews about how difficult this crib is to set up. This was one reason I was unsure if it was the right crib for us as we move around a lot. However, upon opening the box it was very easy to read the directions and put it all together. It took us an hour and a half to get it together. We live in a very small house, and decide to move it into our room instead of the room that we set it up in. We look it apart and set it up and less the 15 min. The main part of the process was already done. So all we had to do is take off the five main pieces and redo them in the room that we wanted. No big deal at all.
    3) It is high quality. I feel very safe putting my infant into this crib. The side panels are a little thin in comparison to the other pieces of wood. But I don’t feel like they would brake at all. It is all very well made.
    4) I love the drawer, it is smooth and can hold many blankets and sheets.
    5)I love that the toddler conversion kit is included and that it can be for an adult bed, a toddler bed, and you can move the mattress down three different heights depending on how old and tall your child is.
    6) It is going to be very easy to move the mattress down as she gets bigger.

    I love this crib and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone. I was very very picky about what crib we bought. We believe that the two most important items our child was the crib and car-seat. We looked for hours to make sure we were getting the best for our little girl and I’m sure glad that we found this crib. It is truly fantastic.

    1. Thank you for leaving your feedback, Lindsey! I always like receiving honest reviews from the people who buy our baby furniture. I wish you and your daughter continued good health and happiness. -Mike

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