Best Baby Furniture Plans understands that not everyone wants to build their own baby furniture. If you are looking to buy baby furniture, the tips below will help you to make intelligent, informed decisions. Whenever possible, we have suggested our favorite pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble baby furniture to help you out.

Types of baby furniture to buy

  • Baby cribs
    A crib is an essential piece of baby furniture for any nursery. Look through these best-selling baby cribs for ideas on your next purchase. Get detailed information about their styles, colors, dimensions, pricing, and where to purchase.
  • Changing tables
    When you buy baby furniture, a changing table or the equivalent is one item you want on your shopping list. If you need help making your decision, review the article on what to look for in changing tables. Otherwise, start shopping through this list of bestsellers.
  • Cradles
    Learn how to put your baby to sleep with grace and ease, and with a low price tag. Keep one of these cradles tucked away by your bedside or add it to the collection when you buy baby furniture.
  • Bassinets
  • Armoires
  • Dressers
  • Chests and nightstands
  • Bookcases and hutches
  • Hampers
  • Gliders and ottomans
  • Mattresses
  • Moses baskets
  • Playards
  • Tips for buying baby furniture

    Buying baby furniture doesn’t have to exhaust your patience or your income. Use these tips to save time and money when buying your baby furniture:

    1. Narrow down what you’re looking for. The substantial number of baby furniture options available can be overwhelming. Instead of stressing yourself out, make a list of requirements such as cost, color, size, and functions. Do you want a matching set or mix-and-match? It’s also useful to make a list of what you don’t need, so that you don’t end up paying for features you and your baby will never use.
    2. When should you buy baby furniture? Some pieces can be picked out the same day you bring your baby home, such as a changing table. Other baby furniture, such as a baby crib, should be ready as soon as the baby is. Because 80% of miscarriages occur during the first trimester, it is recommended to avoid buying any baby furniture until at least the second trimester. Keep in mind that the baby may be early, so don’t wait until the last minute to buy the essentials you need.
    3. Read baby furniture reviews and take advice from other parents.
    4. Spend more money on baby furniture that will last a long time, such as cribs and changing tables, and save some money on baby accessories.
    5. It’s easier to match your decor (wall color, pictures, lighting, rugs) to your baby furniture than to try to find baby furniture that fits your color schemes and “look”. Start with the items that are the most important to you, pick those out, and then fill in the rest afterwards.
    6. Buy new baby furniture to avoid safety issues. This is especially important for cribs.
    7. Overall, buy baby furniture that will grow with your family and can be used for other purposes as the baby grows.