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Do you know the best baby furniture to add to your nursery? Do you know what to look for when you are sorting through the numerous options and reading review after review? Use the guide below to select the best baby furniture brands for your little one.

Choosing the Best Baby Furniture

Some of the most essential pieces of baby furniture are the baby crib, a rocking chair or glider, and a high chair. When you choose the best baby furniture, these should be the top items on your list. Other “nice to have” items include a changing table, a bassinet, and a baby dresser.

For cribs, consider convertible cribs with adjustable mattress heights and metal hardware. Convertible cribs are some of the best baby furniture because a one-time investment can take your child from infancy to adulthood. If you are low on space, look into a corner crib that can be tucked away where two walls meet or a portable crib that has smaller dimensions that standard cribs. If you have plenty of room, you may want to look at round cribs for their attractive and unusual designs. No matter which baby crib you choose, having adjustable mattress heights will help you pick the baby up when he is small and will keep him from crawling out when he grows bigger. In addition, metal hardware is a key factor for the best baby furniture because it is generally more durable than plastic hardware. Metal hardware can not only last through plenty of movements and take-down/set-up conversions, but it can also withstand a jumping toddler.

To find the best rocking chairs and gliders, focus on baby furniture that is comfortable and facilitates a quality bonding experience. Try to find a chair back that curves gently instead of being positioned upright at an unusual angle. A high back is great for head and neck support, and cushioned arms will make it easier to feed your baby and still feel comfortable. Be sure to choose a rocking chair or nursery glider that fits your frame. Some of the best baby chairs have an overstuffed feel to accommodate all body sizes.

High chairs get heavy use, so they definitely need to be on your best baby furniture list. Select chairs with wide bases so they resist tipping from active kids. Choose a high chair with between-legs straps and waist straps to keep your child from standing

Best Baby Furniture Reviews

One of the easiest ways to choose the best baby furniture is to look at reviews. The best baby furniture reviews focus on characteristics that are essential to any baby crib, cradle, changing table, or any other piece of baby furniture.

1. Quality. Is the baby furniture constructed from hardwoods and quality materials? Is it likely to warp, bend, splinter, or discolor? Is hardware exposed or hidden? Do the baby furniture reviews indicate that the products will last as long as you need them to?

2. Safety. The best baby furniture in any category focuses on safety. Does the item meet the standards set by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)? Do the baby furniture reviews or product descriptions mention compliance with Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) guidelines? Are the finishes non-toxic and lead-free?

3. Comfort. The sales pitch from the manufacturer can tell you a lot, but comfort is one of the traits that generally must come from testing out the merchandise. The best baby furniture reviews tell the story about how comfortable the product is, how easy it is to get a child in and out, whether or not it squeaks, and any other tips that a new parent might enjoy.

4. Price. Do your fellow moms and dads think this furniture is worth the price they paid? Can you get a better deal from another retailer? Will you need to pay for shipping, or can you pick the baby furniture up at a local store? Is your new crib, changing table, rocking chair, glider, or whatever you purchase considered a worthwhile investment for long-term enjoyment, or is it more of a “disposable” item?

Best Baby Furniture Brands

The best baby furniture brands are recognized for their consistent focus on quality, safety, and comfort. You may recognize such baby furniture brands as DaVinci, Graco, Delta, Sorelle, Bassett, Babi Italia, and Storkcraft. No matter how well you trust each brand, you should always check the individual specifications and reviews on each product. You have to keep the best baby furniture brands on their toes and force them to continue producing quality furniture!

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