Basic Woodworking Tools for Baby Furniture: Band Saw

Have you ever had the cord to your sabre saw get caught on something and cause you to go off of your marked lines?  Have you ever ran the sabre saw a little to close to your work bench and had it kick back on you?  This is not only a pain but can ruin a perfectly piece of wood and cause your cuts to be uneven. Otherwise, there is a better way to complete your woodworking projects—a band saw.

What is a band saw?

With a regular saw, you bring the saw to the wood. With a band saw, the wood comes to you. A band saw is a stationary woodworking tool (and metal-cutting tool and even a MEAT-cutting tool!) mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor. The blade has a continuous band of metal teeth, which facilitates a uniform cutting action.While it can be used for straight cuts, the band saw is most often used for curved or irregular cuts.

Sabre saw or band saw for woodworking?

Sabre saws (jigsaws) and band saws are both important woodworking tools that have a place in your workshop. With a sabre saw, you move the entire saw unit along the piece of wood to make the cut.  The sabre saw is great for cutting irregular shapes for remodeling projects but wasn’t designed for finish woodworking.  When using a band saw, you move the wood to the blade. With a band saw, the blade rotates around wheels which gives a more uniform cut to your workpiece and allows you to make curves or fine detailed cuts in the piece of wood.  Since you are able to move the wood along the blade, you can take your time and are not dependent on controlling the movement of the saw.  The blade is supposed to be doing the work anyway, not your arm!  Depending on the model, band saws can handle from 8″-30″ of material at a time.  When is the last time you saw that big of a blade on a sabre saw? To see useful tips on what to look for and where to buy a band saw, click here.

How to operate a band saw

This is a quick video on how to operate a band saw, but it really is this simple! Always take appropriate safety precautions, and I apologize in advance for the grainy video.

Your Next Steps

To get the most out of your band saw, I recommend investing in the following:
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  • Ripping, resawing, straight cuts, curved cuts
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  • Band saw safety tips
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