Basic Woodworking Tools for Baby Cribs: Drill Press

A drill press is an essential woodworking tool for building a baby crib. The holes within the rails must line up perfectly or you will have problems getting a structurally sound, non-wobbly baby crib frame. With a template, drilling holes with a cordless or corded drill is possible. Just make sure you have unlimited time and plenty of patience. Otherwise, there is a better way to build a baby crib from woodworking plans—a drill press.

What is a drill press?

A drill press (aka pedestal drill, pillar drill, bench drill) takes the basic operation of a cordless drill and gives you more accuracy and precision. This woodworking tool (and metalworking tool) is mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor, so your woodworking project must come to it, instead of the drill going to the wood. Handles move the chuck and drill bit down into the correct drilling position. Holes can then be made to different sizes, depths, and angles.

Hand-held drill or drill press for woodworking?

Even though your workshop is packed with plenty of other woodworking tools, you should make room for both a hand-held drill and a drill press. The advantages of a hand-held drill are that it can be maneuvered easily into most positions (for when your woodworking job is too big, too immobile, or too unstable to be trekked to the drill press) and the hand-held drill can drill at longer intervals than a drill press (due to the drill press column, distances are limited to about 14 inches).  Handheld drills are also less expensive than drill presses, which is an important perk to the budget-conscious beginner woodworker.

At the same time, a drill press can perform several woodworking tasks that a hand-held drill cannot (easily). A drill press takes less effort for drilling holes quickly and accurately, boards can be secured to the drill press table for added safety, and variable speed changes and angle changes can be made consistently. Further more, sanding drums, honing wheels, and other woodworking accessories can be installed in the chuck for enhanced flexibility.

For useful tips on what to look for and where to buy a drill press, click here.

How to operate a drill press

Think a drill press isn’t a simple woodworking tool to operate? Just look at this video! That’s all there is to it. (If you want more information, the U.S. Department of Energy offers a drill press operation study guide.)

Your Next Steps

If you’re going to invest in any woodworking tool, you should know how to use it and how to maintain it. Otherwise, it will be ineffective and eventually useless to you. This is especially true when you’re setting out to build a baby crib.

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  1. I believe the ideal tool I have in my tool bag is the cordless drill, I just ripped out my dining room and did a total renovation and the power tool I used the most and was truly useful was my battery charged cordless drill. I do think for each individual project in the home I had the cordless drill in my hand. There’s no doubt that the redecoration project may have taken triple the time if I didnt have my ideal tool.

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