Baby Changing Table Plan Specifications

With a few tips, choosing the best baby changing table plan can be informative, enjoyable, and rewarding. Continue reading to learn some of the most important specifications for an infant changing table, toddler changing table, or even a baby dresser plan for long-term furniture needs.

Baby Changing Table Plan for Boys or Girls

Is there a difference between a boy’s changing table and a girl’s changing table? Not really. The main difference is the way in which diapers are changed. Always wipe from front to back for a girl, in order to prevent urinary tract infections. Some parents prefer to change diapers at the side of the baby, while others prefer to interact with the baby head to toe.

Infant Changing Table Plan

Infants are wiggly, which means that certain safety aspects are critical for when the children are young. Rolling and falling is a potential hazard with immense consequences. All infant changing table plans must include a solution for this problem.


An infant changing table plan should produce a finished product ranging between 36 to 44 inches high. This height not only prevents back strain from a parent constantly changing diapers, but also keeps the child at a comfortable level close to mom or dad. The exact height should be determined by whoever will be using the changing table design the most, which is not necessarily the creator or manufacturer. If the baby changing table plan is perfect in all other respects but is not tall enough (or is too tall), consider lengthening or shortening the legs to make a customized woodworking plan.

Flat Surface

To combat unintended movement, the changing table should have a flat changing surface. A gentle slope can also be acceptable, as long as the slope occurs toward the back of the changer and the back has adequate barriers to restrict the baby.


Every infant changing table must have barriers on all four sides to keep the baby safe and secure. The barrier height is a matter of personal preference and comfort. High, “crib-like” barriers are great for keeping the newborn stable, but they may feel awkward and cumbersome for peeling off diapers, putting on creams, and securing a new diaper.

Safety Restraint

One critical component of an infant changing table plan is the safety restraint or safety belt. Since you are building your own changer, you will not have the luxury of a strap in a baby furniture kit. Luckily, you can purchase a changing pad with built-in safety straps. Unless you have already planned another way to affix the pad to the changing table, you should also look for a changing pad that comes with security restraints.

Toddler Changing Table Plan

Many parents give up using a changer by the time the child can walk. A changing table typically loses its effectiveness between age 9 months and age 18 months, although some parents have reported holding onto their changing tables until even age 3. The biggest concern for a toddler changing table plan is length, as many changing table plans designed exclusively for newborns are too short to accommodate a growing child. When building a changing table to be used for years, be sure the changing surface is at least two inches wider and longer than the changing pad. A size of 35 to 45 inches should be big enough for a child and diapering supplies.

Changing Table Plan Versus Baby Dresser Plan

Another decision to make when choosing a woodworking plan is whether to build a changing table or a dresser. Some beginner woodworkers prefer a changing table because it is simple to build, can be put on wheels, and does not need to match perfectly with the existing nursery decor. Other woodworkers like to construct a long-term piece of furniture that can stay with a family long after the baby has outgrown a changing station. The changing table specifications remain the same (height, restraints, etc.).

Other Baby Furniture Plans

While you are in the building mood, you may also want to think about other baby furniture to match your changing table. While a baby crib plan may be at the top of your list, any baby nursery furniture plan is sure to bring you hours of woodworking pleasure and surprise the recipient with a thoughtful and functional gift. Start with baby changing table plan specifications, and who knows where the adventure will lead you.

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