Hey boys and girls, it’s Mike. I’m a computer programmer by day and an around-the-house tinkerer at night. I love building furniture of all kinds, including cribs for babies and nursery furniture sets.  I have been at it since my first major project in 2006 (my first niece’s crib, photos below). Lately I’ve been swamped by all the “fun” things happening with the fixer-upper that we bought. I guess I’d choose “busy with a beer” over boredom anytime.


Take a look around the site. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up for the free baby furniture plans. Why?

  • You get free baby furniture plans (that should be enough!)
  • You get special offers on cribs for babies, nursery furniture sets, and baby nursery ideas.
  • You get advance sales notices for woodworking tools, patterns, supplies, and machines.
  • You get to share in the woodworking tips and resources that I discover.
  • You give me a reason to put down the paintbrush at night!

To your success,

Mike Best

Here is the finished baby crib for my niece, J. Made with my own woodworking tools and much better than something from a baby furniture outlet!
Following baby furniture plans isn’t that difficult. Even I can do it! Getting this sucker into the nursery was the hard part!